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Why do YOU need BZ9media services RIGHT NOW?
You Need To Get Found.. Fact 1:
The internet has changed the way YOUR customers AND future customers find and locate YOUR business. Traditional media such as Yellow Pages and the phone book are all but redundant. 66% of people now use online 'Local Directories' such as Yahoo Places & Google Places to find businesses in their local area.

SOLUTIONS: You need to be listed in key local directories such as Google & Yahoo

You Need... Instant Communication... instant access... FACT 2:
Imagine being able to instantly send a text message and within the hour have customers arriving at your venue. SMS (text messaging) really is that powerful. Until now you had to plan your promotions and special offers in advance. Not any more, hit a quiet period and simply text a special offer ... within the hour your card machine & cash register are ringing in the profits!

SOLUTIONS: Embrace the power of SMS which offers an instant & dynamic low cost medium for alerting customers of your special offers & promotions.

You Need To Be Accessible... FACT 3:
2013 is predicted as being the year mobile phone browsing will EXCEED that of PC desktop based browsing. Already a growing percentage of YOUR potential buyers CANNOT view and purchase from your website unless it is enabled for mobile browsing. This is set to grow steadily through out 2011-2012..

SOLUTIONS: You need a mobile enabled website

You Need To Be Where YOUR Customers Hang Out... FACT 4:
Facebook now has OVER 750 million ACTIVE users, which equates to 1 in 8 people on earth socially interacting on Facebook on a daily basis. Of these 50% will login to Facebook EACH & EVERY day!

Facebook is where YOUR existing & future CUSTOMERS hang out...

SOLUTIONS: You need a Facebook FanPage

YOU Need To Manage The Social Media For YOUR Business... FACT 5:
YOUR customers now spend an HOUR PER DAY on social media networks ... Social Media is the biggest shift since the 'Industrial Revolution'.

SOLUTIONS: You need professionals who can manage the Social Media Marketing for YOUR Business

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