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BZ9 was launched way back in 2003
 ... so you could say we've stood the test of time

BZ9 has also had the same owners (Internet Unlimited LLC) in all this time...
so we're not afraid of commitment!

But how did BZ9 get to where we are today and more importantly
who will be behind the helm in 2011 and beyond?

Let's find out...


Way back in 2003 when the internet was still like the wild west (some say it still is today) BZ9 started out by offering
small business owners basic online services such as autoresponders, url shortening and systems to build lists. We
must have done something right as BZ9 took on over 35,000 customers in the first year.

Since that time we've been through 2 major developmental eras, mainly brought about by finding better programmers
with sufficient skills to cope with our requirements. And yes some 6 years (2009) into the life of BZ9 we finally recruited a
great team of programmers who can tackle any task we throw at them which now allows us to take on the most
sophisticated of projects.

We've also learnt a lot along the way ... under the Internet Unlimited LLC umbrella we have also operated many other
online businesses from software services and publishing services through to full blown membership websites which
have seen members total more than 100,000 for two of our services.

You don't develop fast growing businesses and manage the growth without making some mistakes. But we've taken those
experiences and used the knowledge to ensure we achieve the very best for our clients.

From those early days in 2003 we've gone on to build our own systems which integrate and interact with all the new
platforms evolving online, so in early 2011 we decided to develop these systems on behalf of our clients.

So that's where we are today.

Behind the scenes at BZ9 we have teams of programmers, design experts and social media personnel all under the
control and direction of:

Mr Al Plymale - International Director Of Sales

Al Plymale has over 30 years of successful experience in business development, marketing, and sales management.

He has owned as well as managed businesses in the Automotive, Banking, Financial, and Real Estate Industries.

Graduate of Marshall University BS 1982, Lee Dubois Technologies, Sesco Management Consultants, Northwestern
Mutual Financial Services, and also held title of USPTR Professional Tennis Instructor, has demonstrated the well
rounded career and training that Mr.Plymale brings BZ9.co as the International Director of Sales & Marketing as well
as a Partner in BZ9.co.

Mr. Plymale comes to BZ9.co from a very successful and distinguished career, with US BANK, SunTrust, Northwestern
Mutual Life, Sam Swope and the Don Jacobs Organizations as well as owner of Kats Paw Development Company. 

Mr. Plymale is a professional sales trainer and marketing manager who has trained, taught, and coached the best in
these industries.

Since Mr. Plymale has taken over as the Director of Sales & Marketing BZ9.co has developed the 'retail' arm of its
operations so that BZ9 can successfully deliver and implement BZ9's proven Cutting-Edge, Business & Social Media
systems directly to the business customer.

We are your partners in business.

Mr Terry Johnson - Founder & Head Of Product Development

Terry has been instrumental to the development of BZ9. 

In fact its been some what of a passion right from the word go back in 2003.

That passion has simply grown and grown since we achieved our goal which was to have a competent, outstanding
team behind the scenes to take BZ9 forward and achieve both our own and our customer's goals.

Having left private school back in 1980 Terry started out by building an agricultural business at the age of just 18, 
established a retail business consisting of 8 outlets, then became an importer and exporter of vending machines
before switching over to the internet full time in 2002.

Terry is very hands on and you can expect him to be behind the new products and services we plan to roll out via a
busy programming and development strategy scheduled to extend many years into the future.

In fact programming and development is something that never stops at BZ9 and Terry will be guiding its successful

Mr Paul Tranter - Founder & Head Of Design & Marketing

Paul has a natural talent for copy writing and design.

Over the years Paul has helped create extremely busy sites both for Internet Unlimited LLC and on behalf of clients
where we have established publishing contracts, Many would say largely due to Paul's  talent with copy writing.

In the early days Paul went to Kidderminster College of FE Art and Graphic Design (based in UK) and then Cambourne
Tech where he did an HND in Art direction and Advertising.

Business has grown to the stage where Paul may not sit a desk designing but you can be assured that Paul will work
closely with our employed designers to ensure we turn out only the best for our clients.

Although living in New Zealand this presents no barriers to the fact BZ9 has offices now on 3 continents. Such is the
power of running a business online.

Ms Elspeth Connolly - Head Of Customer Support

Elspeth has worked for Internet Unlimited LLC since early 2004.

Based in the UK Elspeth has again seen the massive changes over the 7 years which have taken place online.

Once managing support and accounts for upwards of 20 websites, her key focus is now supporting BZ9 customers
ensuring projects are delivered on time according to customer specifications.

Elspeth was educated in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, she then spent a number of years working within the Leisure

Before joining Internet Unlimited LLC Elspeth spend 12 months traveling the world, she still does a fair amount of
traveling today but always has her laptop with her so she always knows what's going on.

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